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Simulink Blocks for UDP/IP communication
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Simulink&reg blocks for UDP/IP communication

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These two blocks allow exchanging data bytes via an UDP/IP connection between simulink schemes possibly running as different processes on different (windows) machines.

Differently from the TCP/IP protocol, UDP/IP is totally asyncronous and non-blocking thus generally allowing a faster communication. Additionally, the client and server can be started or stopped in any order, as opposite to the TCP/IP case, where the server must always be started before the client is started and stopped after the client is stopped.

To recompile the code, from the matlab command window, type: mex SimUdpClient3.c ws2_32.lib mex SimUdpServer3.c ws2_32.lib

Finally, note that you can use the "byteview" block, available at https://github.com/giampy1969/simulink-signal-byteview (or under MATLAB Central > File Exchange > Utilities > Simulink) to transform any simulink data type into bytes (aka uint8) and back.

인용 양식

Giampiero Campa (2024). udpip (https://github.com/giampy1969/simulink-udpip-blocks/releases/tag/v1.2), GitHub. 검색됨 .

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See release notes for this release on GitHub: https://github.com/giampy1969/simulink-udpip-blocks/releases/tag/v1.2

I've inserted the line:
req_len = sizeof(struct sockaddr_in);
in SimUdpServer3.c (Thanks Matt).

Recompiled the s-functions with matlab 7.1 so that everything works fine with newer versions requiring the .mexw32 extension. The .dll files are retained to the benefit of users working with versions prior to 7.1, other users may delete them.

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이 GitHub 애드온의 문제를 보거나 보고하려면 GitHub 리포지토리로 가십시오.