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Root-finding methods for both univariate, scalar-valued functions and multivariate, vector-valued functions.

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This toolbox provides root-finding methods for both univariate, scalar-valued functions (Newton's, secant, and bisection methods) and multivariate, vector-valued functions (Newton's method).

Technical Documentation

Click here to access the technical documentation.

Function Documentation

Fixed-Point Iteration:

Root-Finding Methods for Univariate, Scalar-Valued Functions:

Root-Finding Methods for Multivariate, Vector-Valued Functions:


Installing as a toolbox:

  1. Download the toolbox from File Exchange or GitHub.
  2. Double-click on (open) INSTALL/Root-Finding Toolbox.mltbx.
  3. MATLAB will automatically perform the installation and add all the functions included in the toolbox to the MATLAB search path.

Downloaded zip folder contents:

  • INSTALL → Contains the toolbox installer (Root Finding Toolbox.mltbx).
  • licenses → Contains the software licenses.
  • → Markdown documentation for GitHub repository.
  • Technical Documentation → Contains the technical documentation (Root_Finding_Methods.pdf) for the various algorithms.
  • toolbox → Contains all the functions specific to this toolbox.


All of these functions have been published on GitHub and MATLAB File Exhange individually. The purpose of this toolbox is to provide an easy way to "install" these functions into MATLAB (i.e. add these functions to the MATLAB search path) so they are always available for use.

인용 양식

Tamas Kis (2023). Root-Finding Toolbox (, GitHub. 검색됨 .

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