Utility package with NoGrow class and realDeal function

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Utilities I find useful: NoGrow superclass to detect and/or prevent growth of arrays; and realDeal to augment MATLAB deal functionality
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I will add what I find usefull for general applications' program development and testing to this package.
  • +Utility.NoGrow - Abstract class is a superclass for your class for a builtin data type or yours to detect or not allow implicit growth due to over indexing assignments. In its simplest implementation you can find this usefull for detecting execution beyond the intended scope of some array(s). Or use it to grow arrays by a useful amount to limit the number of memory copies needed for continued operation. See example files in +Utility/NoGrow/test
  • +Utility.realDeal - Deal input(s) to Comma-Separated List (CSL) output. realDeal expands the work of MATLAB's deal function to allow its use wherever deal would be used and to include arguments of one array or multiple inputs.

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Jeffrey Clark (2024). Utility package with NoGrow class and realDeal function (https://www.mathworks.com/matlabcentral/fileexchange/117000-utility-package-with-nogrow-class-and-realdeal-function), MATLAB Central File Exchange. 검색됨 .

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Minor updates to NoGrow; added separate functionality for deal-like processing.


Corrected NoGrow error message formatting when a double type throws an error message for an invalid index.


Corrected NoGrow for some higher dimension issues found when changing my application where I use this. Also updated test file to test these corrected issues.