Thermal image - color to temperature

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Convert a pseudocolored RGB thermal image from a thermal camera, using the embedded color bar, into a temperature image.
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Input is a thermal RGB image from a thermal camera, such as the FLIR One camera, that has a pseudocolored image and a colorbar all in the same image. User is asked to draw a rectangle around the thermal image part of the image, and a rectangle around the colorbar part of the image. User is asked for the min and max temperatures at the end of the colorbar. It then uses the embedded color bar to create a mapping of RGB color into temperatures in degrees F or C. It then determines temperatures, in those calibrated units, from the pixel color for every pixel in the image and makes a temperature image. The output temperature image is a 2-D floating point matrix where the pixel values are in units of degrees, rather than RGB color levels.

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Image Analyst (2024). Thermal image - color to temperature (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. 검색됨 .

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Bug fix. Now use uigetfile() instead of uiputfile() when specified input image does not exist and user needs to browse for one.


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