Problem 788. Tiles Contest: Perfect Solutions for Large Unique Tile Boards

Tiles Contest: The Large Unique Boards/Tiles that perfectly solve (50x50)

Return Perfect solutions for both boards. Scoring will be based upon size and time.

Sample "Board 59" and Actual(Contest) "Board 6" have perfect solutions with unique tiles. The tiles are unique with any number,except zero, occurring exactly twice.

The complete description of Tiles explains what is a tile, orientation, and board output.

Input: (boardsize, tiles)

Output: (board, orientation)

Passing: Two Perfect Boards.

Scoring: Based upon Size/10 and Average Time(msec) of solutions.

The Test Suite demonstrates urlwrite usage with a customized tinyurl from an http site for acessing web mat files.

This is the first in a series of Tiles Contest challenges where the boards have interesting characteristics. There are multiple perfect solution boards which were not solved during the contest.

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