Solution 1703716

Submitted on 7 Jan 2019 by Binbin Qi
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Test Suite

Test Status Code Input and Output
1   Pass
assert(isequal(T(3,:), [0 0 1]), 'The bottom row of the homogeneous transformation matrix is not correct')

2   Pass
assert(abs(T(1,3)+71.619164)<1e-4, 'The representation of the x-coordinate is not correct')

3   Pass
assert(abs(T(2,3)-20.88768)<1e-4, 'The representation of the y-coordinate is not correct')

4   Pass
R = T(1:2,1:2); assert( abs(det(R)-1) < 0.01, 'The determinant of the rotation submatrix is not correct')

5   Pass
R = T(1:2,1:2); assert( abs(atan2d(R(2,1), R(1,1)) + 42) < 0.1, 'The rotation matrix is not correct, check your calculation of the heading SSW and whether you are using radians or degrees')