Problem 1117. Create array of all Distances between two Sets of Points : No Neural Network Toolbox

This Challenge is a subsection of Martian Pranks based on Tim's efficient Distance calculation between sets of points for the 99%.

The Neural Network Toolbox function "dist" solves this puzzle instantly if you are in the 1% with this Toolbox. This Challenge is for the 99%.

Given Point Set vectors Start and Final determine the distance between each Start and each Final Point.

Input: Start(m,2), Final(m,2)

Output: Distances (m,m)


Input: [0 0;0 1], [2 0;3 3]

Output: [2 4.24; 2.24 3.61]

TestSuite will perform rounding

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Solution Stats

64.52% Correct | 35.48% Incorrect
Last Solution submitted on Apr 07, 2020