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How do I find my username in order to install or activate my license?

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When I try to activate my license, it asks for my username. How do I find this?

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MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team 2021년 7월 23일
편집: MathWorks Support Team 2021년 7월 23일
When installing or activating an Individual license, your username is required.  There are multiple ways to obtain your username:
  • Command Prompt/Terminal
  • lmutil Utility
  • Activation Client
Command Prompt/Terminal
The easiest way to get your user name is from a command prompt or terminal:


To get your username via the command prompt:
  1. Locate the search field. On Windows 7 this is in the Start Menu, and on Windows 10, this is in the Taskbar
  2. Enter "cmd" into the search field and type enter
  3. At the command prompt, enter the following command:
set username


To get your username, open a Terminal window:
  1. Open Finder.
  2. Open the Applications folder.
  3. Open the Utilities folder.
  4. Start the Terminal application.
  5. In the Terminal window, enter the following command:


To get your username, open terminal and run the following command:
lmutil Utility
You can also get your user name by using the lmutil.exe utility. The lmutil utility is included when you install the network license manager using the MathWorks installer or the network license manager binaries.
You can run any of the following commands to determine your user name.


"C:\Program Files\MATLAB\R20XXx\etc\winXX\lmutil.exe" lmhostid -user
Your user name is displayed as “USER=<your_login_name>”


/Applications/ lmhostid -user
Your username is displayed as “USER=<your_login_name>”


/usr/local/MATLAB/R2018b/etc/glnxa64/lmutil lmhostid -user
Your user name is displayed as “USER=<your_login_name>”
Activation Client
​If access to any of the other methods is not available, you can use the MATLAB activation client to determine what your username is.
  1. Open the MATLAB activation client. The activation client can be found in the following locations: \n
    • Windows\n
      • C:\Program Files\MATLAB\R20XXX\bin\win64\activate_matlab.exe.\
    • Mac OS

      • Use Finder to go to /Applications .
      • Control-click (right click) on the icon for your MATLAB version, such as .
      • In the menu, choose Show package contents.
      • In that directory, start the
    • Linux

      • /usr/local/MATLAB/R2018a/bin/
  2. When the activation client is open: \n
    • Click Activate Manually without the Internet and then click Next. 
    • Click I do not have a license file. Help me with the next steps. 
    • You will then see your user name as "Computer Login Name:<your_user_name>
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Shun-wen Cheng
Shun-wen Cheng 2021년 6월 16일
I found that caused by language setting in my situation.
Initially, I ran MATLAB in Chinese(Taiwan), then I swich to English, and then the continusly activation problem came up.
I don't sure whether it's because my windows user name is Chinese characters.
After chaging back to Chinese in windows, MATLAB works aging.

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Amy Diekmann
Amy Diekmann 2017년 1월 19일
I entered an incorrect login name. How do I correct it?
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Prasanna Mhapsekar
Prasanna Mhapsekar 2020년 12월 7일
if you are using Linux, avoid using "sudo ./matlab" to launch the application, instead just use "./matlab"

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swaraj kanwar
swaraj kanwar 2018년 3월 23일
how i get my activation key for licence

John Zhuang
John Zhuang 2018년 10월 24일
This answer is very helpful. I was unable to activate MatLab on my borrowed laptop. I kept typing "Student User" for my user name and MatLab kept yelling at me for being the wrong user. Tried "set username" and found that my ACTUAL user name was "Administrator". Tried that and it works!


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