What are the shortcuts for switching between non-adjacent open files in the MATLAB editor

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Running in MS Windows I sort of expect Ctrl-Tab to switch active tabs/files in the editor. This happens in other Windows applications that I use.
I read here http://www.mathworks.com/help/techdoc/rn/f3-998197.html that Ctrl+Tab now moves you to the next open tool or group of tools tabbed together, which it does. However my editor is undocked and within it Ctrl+Tab does precisely nothing. Meanwhile, although I can Ctrl+PageUp or down through the open editor tabs, this takes them strictly in sequence. What I miss about the Ctrl+Tab is the ability to easily toggle directly between two files you're editing, without re-arranging your tabs every time or having to remember whether it's up or down.


Krishna Kumar
Krishna Kumar 2011년 6월 30일
The window menu list all open files. so you can toggle between any file you want without remembering the sequence . alt+W and then the letter denoting the position of the m file. Remember the list also contains variables opened in variable editor, though the two are separated by a line.
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Steven Lord
Steven Lord 2016년 10월 7일
Looking in the Keyboard Shortcut Preferences I see that Alt+W is not a shortcut in the Windows Default Set. It is Copy in the Emacs Default Set. I don't remember what it is in the Mac Default Set.
The shortcut I believe you want is "Next Tab", Ctrl+Page Down in the Windows Default Set. To determine the keys you need to press in the Mac Default Set (and to change them if you want or need to do so, open up the Keyboard Shortcut preferences and search the shortcuts for Next Tab.
Use the Preferences button in the Environment section of the Home tab to open the Preferences window then select the Shortcuts sub-item under the Keyboard item in the MATLAB section.

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ayyappa rudrasimha yedida
ayyappa rudrasimha yedida 2016년 10월 7일
Alt-Tab to shift between applications and Ctrl-Tab to shift between documents


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