Using GSL on Matlab Mex

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Saravanan Nagesh
Saravanan Nagesh 2021년 7월 29일
댓글: Saravanan Nagesh 2021년 8월 6일
Hi I am trying to run a .cpp code on Matlab which has dependencies on the GSL library. I have as of now done the following steps:
  1. Installed the latest MinGW complier
  2. Currently using the latest Matlab 2021
  3. Downloaded the GSL library from
  4. Unzipped the contents of the software package and placed the files in the folder named gsl in the location where i have my .cpp code.
  5. Added the gsl folder and all subfolders to the path.
However when I use the command "mex Mymexcode.cpp;" , the code stops with the error
"C:\user\myfolder\gsl/gsl_math.h:23:25: fatal error: gsl/gsl_sys.h: No such file or directory
#include <gsl/gsl_sys.h>
compilation terminated.
Could anyone please let me know where i am going wrong??

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Amogh Bhole
Amogh Bhole 2021년 8월 4일
From my understanding your gsl folder is missing the gsl_sys.h header file. Please find the correct path of gsl_sys.h and update it in the include statement of the header file gsl_math.h or copy this file and paste it on the gsl folder this way you won’t have to update the gsl_math.h header file.
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Saravanan Nagesh
Saravanan Nagesh 2021년 8월 6일
Dear Amogh,
Thank you for the answer, but the gsl_sys.h file is present in the folder with the gsl_math.h, I have also used the -I command to include both the include folder path and also the library path.
Still the error is persistent.
I also suspect that the compilation of the gsl library also may be an issue which may have caused an error in linking of the files.
Is it possible you have a link to a source where I may get a compiled gsl library which I can use.
Unfortunately the official gsl website does not provide this.
Many thanks in advance.

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