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see the 3d image and see the coordinates while moving the mouse over the image

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Golnoush Asaeikheybari
Golnoush Asaeikheybari 2021년 7월 26일
편집: Matt J 2021년 7월 26일
I have a nii binary medical image. How can I visualize it in a way that I be able to move my mouse over it and see the coordinates I am moving over?
Or how can I visualize some specific points in the format of ijk on the image also?


Matt J
Matt J 2021년 7월 26일
편집: Matt J 2021년 7월 26일
You can use imshow() to display any particular slice of the image and then use the axis datatip button to get the in-slice 2D coordinates of particular pixels.
It is not mathematically possible to have a 3D datatip on a 2D rendering of 3D space (although the dataip will work on a surface plot).

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