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Error using parpool (line 151)

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hyeonji KIM
hyeonji KIM 2021년 7월 25일
답변: Shadaab Siddiqie 2021년 7월 28일
Hello everyone,
When I ran the RFECS program, I experienced the following problems.
{^HError using parpool (line 151)
Found an interactive session. You cannot have multiple interactive sessions
open simultaneously. To terminate the existing session, use <a
My version is MATLAB 2021a and I am on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS.
What am I doing wrong?


Shadaab Siddiqie
Shadaab Siddiqie 2021년 7월 28일
From my understanding you are getting an error while running your program. This error might be because you might be trying to open pool with gcp and the open again with parpool. It is not possible to open multiple pools one with gcp and one with parpool. So, I would advise you to close gcp pool like:
For more information you can refer gcp.


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