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How can extract data in scatter plot??

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MOzhdeh Salimi
MOzhdeh Salimi 2021년 7월 24일
댓글: MOzhdeh Salimi 2021년 7월 24일
Hi all
I have two catgories of data that have between 0-1. I plotted these data in scatter form. Now I want to extract the range of data in the X-axis with length 0.01 and find Y value corresponding to x value.
please help me.
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MOzhdeh Salimi
MOzhdeh Salimi 2021년 7월 24일
Yes, i want to classification my data to classes with 0.01 length. For example: Class1: 0-0.0.1 Class2:0.0.1-0.0.2 . . . And then find corresponding y value to these class.

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Scott MacKenzie
Scott MacKenzie 2021년 7월 24일
% test data
x = rand(1, 100);
y = rand(1, 100);
% find elements for class 1 (x is between 0 and 0.1)
idx = find(x >= 0 & x < 0.1);
xClass1 = x(idx);
yClass1 = y(idx);
% output data for 1st class (just for demo)
[xClass1' yClass1']
ans = 7×2
0.0656 0.9182 0.0330 0.5282 0.0287 0.0501 0.0358 0.3897 0.0360 0.6975 0.0660 0.8916 0.0480 0.2643
% repeat for other classes or setup in a loop
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MOzhdeh Salimi
MOzhdeh Salimi 2021년 7월 24일
your answer is completely true.

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