Publishing with TAH license

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AJ Lang
AJ Lang 2021년 7월 22일
답변: Shubham Khatri 2021년 7월 28일
Hi everyone,
i'm doing my PhD at a university which gives me access to the campus-wide TAH license.
For my research, i used published third party Matlab code to make some calculations. Essentially i used the software but did not create code myself, nor do i wish to publish my own code.
However, i want to publish my research based on the calculations i did in Matlab. Does the TAH license cover publishing this data?
Best regards,


Shubham Khatri
Shubham Khatri 2021년 7월 28일
Please contact your sales representative to get detailed understanding about your license terms. If you don’t know who your sales representative is, MathWorks support can help you find your sales representative.You can simply raise a service request to help you with it.
Hope it helps




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