Embedded coder for TI C2000 WITHOUT external mode

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Rob de Kluijver
Rob de Kluijver 2021년 7월 20일
답변: Antonin 2021년 9월 30일
When we start the build, deploy and run for a TI C2000 board a debugging session is started with a debugging session script. This is not the desired behavior. We can't find an option to disable the external mode.
Question: How can we prevent embedded coder to create code for external mode and how can we disable debugging?

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Antonin 2021년 9월 30일
The easiest is just to press Ctrl+B on your model instead of pressing the play button.
Depending on which version of MATLAB you are using, you have to build your model instead of pressing the play button (monitor and tune). On the hardware tab of Simulink, find the "Deploy" section and press "Build, Deploy & Start" or "Build". This will not include External mode.
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