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How can I change the colorbar limits/scale of a spectrogram?

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Sebastian Vazquez
Sebastian Vazquez 2021년 7월 19일
댓글: Sebastian Vazquez 2021년 7월 19일
Hello, I would like to change the limits of the colorbar for a spectrogram so that all my plots have an identical scale. Here is the code I am using:
clc; close all; clear variables;
trial1 = 'No_water_charge.wav';
[y1,Fs1] = audioread(trial1); %Reading the wav file
t1 = 0:1.00002/Fs1:length(y1)/Fs1; %Calculating the time
newFs1 = 3000; %New sampling frequency
[P1,Q1] = rat(newFs1/Fs1); %Assigning ratio values to new Fs
newy1 = resample(y1,P1,Q1); %Resampling the data
newt1 = 0:1.000002/newFs1:length(newy1)/newFs1; %Creating a new time
spectrogram(newy1,256,250,[],newFs1,'yaxis','psd');%Generating the spectrogram
title('No water charge')
h1 = gca;
h1.XTickLabel = string(h1.XTick*60);
xlabel('Time (s)');
trial2 = 'No_water_discharge.wav';
[y2,Fs2] = audioread(trial2);
t2 = 0:1.00002/Fs2:length(y2)/Fs2;
newFs2 = 3000;
[P2,Q2] = rat(newFs2/Fs2);
newy2 = resample(y2,P2,Q2);
newt2 = 0:1.000002/newFs2:length(newy2)/newFs2;
title('No water discharge')
h2 = gca;
h2.XTickLabel = string(h2.XTick*60);
xlabel('Time (s)');
This code produces the following plots:
If possible, I would like their colorbar scales to be the same so instead of one maxing out at 80 and the other at 90, I would like them both to be at 80 if possible. Thank you for your time.

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