Calculate mean from a cell array.

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Rajvi Amle
Rajvi Amle 2021년 7월 16일
편집: Rik 2021년 7월 18일
I am trying to calculate the mean from 1x10 cell array where the array contains matrices of 138x1 dimensions. But the dimensions of all 10 arrays are not the same. So is it possible to calculate mean out of all together the cell arrays having different dimensions? Here I am attaching the file Sum_col.mat from which I want to calculate the mean.
Any help would be really appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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Rik 2021년 7월 16일
Two options of what you could mean:
%load your data first
Sum_col = 1×10 cell array
{135×1 double} {138×1 double} {136×1 double} {136×1 double} {133×1 double} {136×1 double} {136×1 double} {135×1 double} {137×1 double} {136×1 double}
%mean of each cell (returning a 1x10 array)
ans = 1×10
0.0785 0.0792 0.0773 0.0814 0.0712 0.0781 0.0716 0.0701 0.0790 0.0763
%mean of every element (returning a 138x1 array)
for n=find(cellfun('prodofsize',tmp)<max_sz)
tmp{n}((end+1):max_sz)=NaN; % fill extra entries with NaN
ans = 138×1
0 0.0004 0.0007 0.0011 0.0029 0.0046 0.0064 0.0080 0.0109 0.0137
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Rik 2021년 7월 18일
편집: Rik 2021년 7월 18일
I would suggest using the std function, instead of calculating it yourself. The std function also has an omitnan flag.
If you want to calculate the number of elements yourself, you can use the sum of the result of the isnan function.

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