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Inactivate PID controller for 3 seconds

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Matt Hinesley
Matt Hinesley 2021년 7월 12일
댓글: Mathieu NOE 2021년 7월 12일
I have set up a PID controller to control wheel speed by manipulating torque on a wheel, but I would like this PID controller to kick in at t=3 seconds and output a torque of 0N*m until then. After t=3s, I would like the PID controller to function as if there was never any delay if that makes sense. I have tried the delay blocks, but the problem with those is that at any time t, the PID controller is using speeds from 3 seconds ago and not the current wheel speed. Is there a way to simply inactivate my controller until 3 seconds have passed and then have it function as normal?
Below is a screenshot of my feedback loop thus far:

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Mathieu NOE
Mathieu NOE 2021년 7월 12일
simply add a switch block at the input side of the PID
the first signal (input) of the switch is zero, the second is the error torque
use a step signal to switch from the zero to error signal at time t = 3 s , so the PID will start to work after t = 3 s
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Mathieu NOE
Mathieu NOE 2021년 7월 12일
My pleasure

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