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FORTRAN POPPAR Equivalent in Matlab

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Juan Navarro
Juan Navarro 2021년 7월 9일
편집: Juan Navarro 2021년 7월 9일
Hello Matlab comunity, my question is what would be the equivalent to FORTRAN POPPAR function in Matlab?
According to gnc webpage, POPPAR(I) returns parity of the integer I, i.e. the parity of the number of bits set ('1' bits) in the binary representation of I. It is equal to 0 if I has an even number of bits set, and 1 for an odd number of '1' bits.
Thank you!

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John D'Errico
John D'Errico 2021년 7월 9일
The obvious answer is the simple answer...
sum(dec2bin(I) - '0')
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Juan Navarro
Juan Navarro 2021년 7월 9일
Thank you John!

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson 2021년 7월 9일
bitget() can be faster.
I = randi([0 2^32-1], 1, 1, 'uint32')
I = uint32 1734766993
timeit(@() mod(nnz(dec2bin(I)-'0'),2),0)
ans = 1.1998e-04
timeit(@() fold(@xor, dec2bin(I) - '0', 0), 0)
ans = 5.8975e-05
timeit(@() fold(@xor, bitget(I, 1:32), 0), 0)
ans = 3.8923e-05
timeit(@() mod(sum(bitget(I,1:32)),2),0)
ans = 3.4225e-06
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Juan Navarro
Juan Navarro 2021년 7월 9일
Thank byou Walter, your help is very much appreciated!

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