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How to vectorize this for loop

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Leo Tu
Leo Tu 2021년 7월 5일
댓글: Leo Tu 2021년 7월 5일
I have the following script which I have managed to test for up to t=200 however I need it to go up to t=12054 and it takes too long to run.
Could anyone please help with vectorizing the code so that it can run faster? I have attached my data T
% T is a column of temperature data over 12054 days
V = flip(T,1)
syms k;
for t=1:12054
L(t) = 1+symsum(.5.^(abs(k-5)*V(t)),k,0,12054-t)/symsum(.5.^abs(k-5),k,0,12054-t);
lambda = double(L);
lambda = flip(lambda,2) % flipping back because we initially flipped T to get V.
r = poissrnd(lambda);

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Paul 2021년 7월 5일
편집: Paul 2021년 7월 5일
For starters, why use symsum at all? Doesn't sum() do exactly what is needed?
for t = 1:12054
k = 0:(12054 - t);
L(t) = 1 + sum(0.5.^(abs(k-5).*V(t)))./sum(0.5.^(abs(k-5)));
lambda = flip(L,2);
I suspect other optimizations can be made as well. For sure, pre-allocate L. But for only 12054 elements, this loop may be fast enough for what's needed.
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Leo Tu
Leo Tu 2021년 7월 5일
Thank you @Paul that's what I needed!

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