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Is it possible to have MATLAB installed on two computers?

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Astrid Andersen
Astrid Andersen 3 Sep 2013
Hi! I have an question from one of our researchers about to have his Matlab installation on two computers at the same time. Also, one person - two computers, same login and user.

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Thomas 3 Sep 2013
Depends on the license.
How many seeds of the license does the researcher have?
For. Eg. I have multiple versions of MALTAB installed ion my Laptop, my office Desktop and my home desktop because my license allows me to activate multiple installations of MATLAB.
The mathworks has free installation and activation support

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson 3 Sep 2013
It looks to me as if NIVA's licenses are probably Professional licenses rather than the Academic I would have first guessed. It then matters whether the licenses are Floating licenses or Node Locked or Individual, and whether they are Named User.

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