Store fit output and call them later

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Hussein Kokash
Hussein Kokash 2021년 6월 20일
댓글: Hussein Kokash 2021년 6월 20일
Dears, hope all are doing great!
I have the following script I use to read files and then fit them using curve fitting, my goal is to store the output of the fit for each file so that I can plot them all using the same x-axis, so the idea is to replace y values with the new fit output for each file, how is that possible?
Thank you, appreciate it.
[file_list, path_n] = uigetfile('.txt', 'Multiselect', 'on');
filesSorted = natsortfiles(file_list);
if iscell(filesSorted) == 0;
filesSorted = (filesSorted);
for i = 1:length(filesSorted);
filename = filesSorted{i};
data = load([path_n filename]);
x = data (:,1);
y = data (:,2);
T = data (1,3);
Time(i) = T;
% Curve fitting
f=fit(x, y, 'fourier1')
plot(f, x, y)
hold on
coefficients = coeffvalues(f)

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson 2021년 6월 20일
f=fit(x, y, 'fourier1')
Once you have that, you could record f in a cell array.
Or... you can invoke
saved_x{i} = x;
saved_y{i} = y;
predicted_y{i} = f(x);
Here, predicted_y{i} will become a numeric vector of what the model values predict for the given x values; you would not need the fit object after that.
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson 2021년 6월 20일
plot(saved_x{i}, predicted_y{i})
Hussein Kokash
Hussein Kokash 2021년 6월 20일
Thank you!

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