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What this warning means and how to fix it?

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Nisar Ahmed
Nisar Ahmed 2021년 6월 15일
댓글: Nisar Ahmed 2021년 6월 16일
Warning: Integer operands are required for colon operator when used as index.
> In Ex11_Bayes_AVO_Inversion>build_W (line 263)
In Ex11_Bayes_AVO_Inversion (line 83)
LINE 263
S = S0(L+1:nc+L-0,1:nc); %Remove tails
line 83
W = build_W(w,nt);

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Sailesh Kalyanapu
Sailesh Kalyanapu 2021년 6월 15일
This error means that one or both of the variables L, nc are not integers. Please refer to this for a detailed explanation.

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