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Does matlab licence include simulink?

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Subith Rajapandian
Subith Rajapandian 2021년 6월 14일
답변: Abhinav Gupta 2021년 6월 14일
Hi All,
I am planing to buy the matlab licence. does this anual licence include simulink(multi-body).
Thanks in Advance.

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Abhinav Gupta
Abhinav Gupta 2021년 6월 14일
Hi Subith,
You could choose different products from the 'View another product' drop down menu present on the right side of screenshot. 1800 GBP for perpetual licence is only for MATLAB and not sumulink. Once you select required product from the dropdown, you would get the updated amount.
If you want to customize and buy, you could refer to this link:
Hope this helps.

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