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Error: Too many input arguments

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How do I solve a too many input arguments error in project and reshape layer. I used the train GAN example

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Tarunbir Gambhir
Tarunbir Gambhir 2021년 6월 16일
Make sure you are using the modified version of the 'projectAndReshapeLayer' class. The updated class file can be located in the folder for this particular example.
You can use the 'View MATLAB Command' button on the example docmentation page and use that command to open the example folder in MATLAB. There you can find the correct 'projectAndReshapeLayer.m' class script along with its dependent functions.
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Siti Aisyah Mohd Sanip
Siti Aisyah Mohd Sanip 2021년 6월 17일
It works !! thank you very much

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