random selection of number among 2 numbers

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Akriti Raj
Akriti Raj 2021년 6월 9일
댓글: Steven Lord 2021년 6월 9일
How do I randomly choose among 0 and 2 in matlab ? I have display the choosen number also.
Note: The choosen number should be either 0 or 2 not something in between.


the cyclist
the cyclist 2021년 6월 9일
편집: the cyclist 2021년 6월 9일
Here are a couple ways:
2*randi([0 1])
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Steven Lord
Steven Lord 2021년 6월 9일
A generalized version of Jan's answer:
Pool = (0:5).^2;
desiredSize = [1 7];
x = Pool(randi(numel(Pool), desiredSize))
x = 1×7
25 16 4 0 25 9 1

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