Matlab 2021a is running extremely slow on MacBook Pro. How can I fix this?

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I recently purchased a new MacBook Pro. It is running on Big Sur 11.4, and it has 16 GB ram, a 2GHz Quad-Core Intel i5.
I use Matlab 2021a on it. However, this program runs extremely slow. It is actually completely disfunctional.
I tried most of the solutions offered on the internet: reinstall Matlab, reinstall Big Sur, install other versions of Matlab, reset SMC, I put source control to none in the Matlab preferences, I increased the java heap memory, ... nothing seems to work.
What could be a possible solution to this? All other programs run just fine.

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Peter Brady
Peter Brady 2021년 6월 13일
Hey Adriaan,
I had the same issue on my personal MacBook Air after upgrading to 11.4, and it was super frustrating. Yesterday I installed the Update 3 Patch for R2021a and this has fixed my issues.
Hope that helps,
PS: I am a MathWorker but these are my personal opinions.
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Richard Waugh
Richard Waugh 2022년 1월 20일
Having the same problem with 2021b and Mac OS 12.1, Monterey. Diasabled Source control and things seemd to improve slightly, but still very slow.
Richard Waugh
Richard Waugh 2022년 1월 20일
Neither disabling "Source Control" nor giving MAtLab full disk access has made an appreciable difference

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