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Graph plotting and curve fitting

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Narendra Singh
Narendra Singh 2021년 6월 2일
답변: Rhea Chandy 2021년 8월 23일
I am New to MATLAB, can someone help me with writing this complex equation in the MATLAB which is given below in the picture
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darova 2021년 6월 5일
Show your attempts

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Rhea Chandy
Rhea Chandy 2021년 8월 23일
Hi Narendra,
If you can provide the code you've written to solve the problem and ask a specific question about where you're facing difficulty, we may be able to provide some guidance.
If you aren't sure where to start because you're not familiar with how to write MATLAB code, I suggest you start with the MATLAB Onramp tutorial ( to quickly learn the essentials of MATLAB.
Since you've mentioned plotting and curve fitting in your question title, you can take a look at the following documentation which give information on how you can fit curves and surfaces to data and view plots with the Curve Fitting app: Interactive Curve and Surface Fitting.

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