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Syntax Error in Simulink Fcn block

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reshma muralidharan
reshma muralidharan 2021년 5월 25일
댓글: reshma muralidharan 2021년 5월 26일
I am trying to run a simulink block diagram simulation.
I have the following function in a func block: (( Y* (abs(u(nb+1))<Tfault) ) +(( Yf * (abs(u(nb+1))>=Tfault)) & (abs(u(nb+1)) <(Tfault+Tclear) )) + (Ypf * (abs(u(nb+1)) >= (Tfault+Tclear) ))) \ u(1:nb)
Y,Yf,Ypf are matrices
no matter what I do I continue to get a syntax error and I simply cannot see what the problem is. Can someone please tell me what is wrong with this function.

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Fangjun Jiang
Fangjun Jiang 2021년 5월 25일
  1. Provide values for every variable in the formula, including nb, Tfault, Tclear
  2. Provide an instance value of u
  3. Run the formula chunck by chunk, like Y* (abs(u(nb+1))<Tfault) and then Yf * (abs(u(nb+1))>=Tfault), and then the next
  4. You will find the problem, such as missing a parentheses
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reshma muralidharan
reshma muralidharan 2021년 5월 26일
Thank you sir.

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