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connect Matlab to Binance API

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Abolfazl Nejatian
Abolfazl Nejatian 2021년 5월 25일
편집: Abolfazl Nejatian 2021년 7월 10일
Hey everyone,
i am seeking for a solution to put an order with Binance API.
if anyone has experience in this field or has knowledge of posting a request please let me know.
here is my code
% Set up authentication:
APIKey = '12a2fff338b41101ed886dd1c0ef4f35e96fe0233d23616daed4f2dbd1389526';
APISecret = '3d52b16aa7a0c6cd12fd11e09a955967cfeb839fd729357a0ca272351da75873';
symbol = 'BTCUSDT';
type = 'limit'; % or 'market'
side = 'sell'; % or 'buy'
amount = 1.0;
price = 60540; % or None
options = weboptions('RequestMethod',apiMethod, 'MediaType','application/json');
Body = struct('symbol', symbol, ...
'type', type, ...
'side', side, ...
'amount', char(num2str(amount)), ...
'price', char(num2str(price)), ...
'APIKey', APIKey,...
'APISecret', APISecret);
webaddress = '';
response = webwrite(webaddress, Body, options);
kind regrads,
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Turlough Hughes
Turlough Hughes 2021년 7월 9일
Assuming you've deactivated your keys?

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Turlough Hughes
Turlough Hughes 2021년 7월 8일
Try my recent submission to the file exchange: MATLAB-Binance-API
Then placing a limit order is simply:
obj = spot.newOrder('limit');
response = obj.send;
or with the syntax that came in R2020a (which I'm a big fan of) you could also write:
response = obj.send;
Note: this order sells 0.001 btc from your spot account (not testnet) and assumes you have 0.001 BTC on your books.
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Turlough Hughes
Turlough Hughes 2021년 7월 9일
No, I haven't tried anything similar tbh. Most of my interest has been on arbitrage and backtesting other strategies.

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