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want to make vehicle dynamic model in fuel cell truck

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Anmol Gupta
Anmol Gupta 2021년 5월 19일
답변: Yifeng Tang 2021년 5월 21일
Hi sir,
I want to make a vehicle dynamic Simulink model of a hydrogen fuel truck. and also want its 3d animation. I am struggling for many days but could get how to do this on simulink or simscape. i want to model the physics of the vehicle as well as visualize in 3D. Please help me in this.


Yifeng Tang
Yifeng Tang 2021년 5월 21일
This can be a big project. Definitely not something can be fully resolved through MATLAB Answers.
Some resource that may be useful for you:
3D visualization options:
Fuel cell modeling in Simcape:

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