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pilot operated check valve to open only by pilot pressure x

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The pilot operated checkvalve provided in simscape fluids is operated by pressure at A or pilot pressure X or both, I wish to open the checkvalve only by pilot pressure . can anyone say is there anything I can do?
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murali manohar boopathy
murali manohar boopathy 2021년 5월 23일
actually my need is to close a checkvalve with a pilot pressure i.e even when there is craking pressure at A ,the pilot pressure should close the checkvalve but I found the checkvalve in simscape fluids opens with pilot pressure x so i chose to open the checkvalve when needed as i need to open and close 2 checkvalves but the checkvalve is in a way that it opens with both pressure at A and X like it's in double pilot checkvalve. I have attached a picture for your better understanding of my problem.

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Yifeng Tang
Yifeng Tang 2021년 5월 24일
Thanks for the details.
The pilot in this case is acting in the opposite direction as in the "Pilot-Operated Check Valve (IL)" block. It's equivalent to having a negative pilot ratio, but it won't allow you to set a negative value in the block.
Anyway, I think your best bet is to use a "Cartridge Valve Actuator (IL)" and a "Orifice (IL)" block.
The actuator allow you to open the check valve, with a physical signal, when the pressure combination is correct, and the Orifice will translate that signal to an opening that allows/blocks flow.
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murali manohar boopathy
murali manohar boopathy 2021년 6월 12일
Thank you so much Yifeng Tang for your assistance!

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