Datetime coloumn in a matrix of double

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Andrea Sbaragli
Andrea Sbaragli 2021년 5월 12일
댓글: Stephan 2021년 5월 12일
I start from this matrix A = mx 4 where
1- epoch time in nanosec
2- number double
3- number double
4- number double
Through this function "datetime(T1(i,1),'ConvertFrom','epochtime','TicksPerSecond',1e9,'Format','dd-MMM-yyyy HH:mm:ss.SSSSSSSSS')" I created an array mx1 where I converted the epoch time to date time
At this point I m looking to create the same matrix as before replacing the first coloumn with the new created vector but it returns me an error because date type are not equal. How to do that?

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Stephan 2021년 5월 12일
편집: Stephan 2021년 5월 12일
You can not mix data types in arrays - use a table or a timetable to do this. In your case the array2table or array2timetable might be useful.
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Stephan 2021년 5월 12일
You access table elements using this notation:
A{:,1} % all rows of column 1
A{1:5,4} % rows 1...5 of column 4

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