MatlabR2021a & R2021b does not work with macOS Big Sur

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Reisender 2021년 5월 11일
댓글: Simon Fisher 2021년 11월 11일 23:58
I am trying to use MatlabR2021a on a macOS Big Sur machine. However, each time I try to run script or want to plot something, the process "sandboxd" starts to use up all my CPU such that Matlab either hangs or works only very delayed. What could be a possible cause for that?
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Matt Smear
Matt Smear 2021년 10월 17일
Having the same problem in 2021b, actually worse than 2021a. Often hangs for a minute before beginning to execute a script. The force quit 'sandboxd' was an effective workaround in 2021a, not in b. Running from the terminal doesn't help either. HELP

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Prakhar Rai
Prakhar Rai 2021년 6월 23일
Please go into application Info and make MATLAB_2021 run using Rosetta(selecting tick box for Rosetta),so it runs like intel based chips as MATLAB is only developed for Intel chips.
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Simon Fisher
Simon Fisher 2021년 11월 11일 23:58
Any updates on fixes for these issues from Staff ?

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Yongxin Liu
Yongxin Liu 2021년 7월 8일
My solution is launch the Activity Monitor and kill the sandboxd process and then everything workw like a charm
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Simon Fisher
Simon Fisher 2021년 7월 27일
That's not a good solution and they come back even within a session I've found

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