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curren value of signal in scope

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Lila Lotus
Lila Lotus 2021년 5월 9일
답변: Jonas 2021년 5월 10일
is there a simple way to see value of signals at certrain point in Scope block in Simulink. Something like tooltip, when you point a mouse on the signal.
Or alternatively a movable vertical bar, showing values of all signals at once.
There is a compare button (measurement), where you can see start and end value of one signal at once and then can select other signal.
But if I have 5 signals in scope, and one changes I want to view values of all signals quick and not selecting them one by one in a drop box. So kind of select them all at once or so...
Hope you understand, how I mean it.
Thank you!


Jonas 2021년 5월 10일
It is not possible with the Scope block. As you found out, you can only find the value on a vertical cursor of one signal at a time.
You can do it however with the Simulation Data Inspector (SDI). You will need to mark signals with 'Log Selected Signals', and then all those signals will appear in the SDI during and after simulation. You can also manage previously executed simulation runs this way (comparing signals from current versus previous simulation).
In the SDI, you need to enable the cursor (I marked the button in red). Signal labels will appear at the cursor for all signals on the graph.
It is kind of a different way of working compared to using Scope blocks however. (myself, I am sticking to Scope blocks still).





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