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TriScatteredInterp - Edge constraints for periodic data?

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Bart Boesman
Bart Boesman 2013년 7월 19일
마감: MATLAB Answer Bot 2021년 8월 20일
I try to perform an interpolation on 3D scattered data (data that is gathered on a 3D irregular mesh grid) to a regular gridded sphere. This means that the data is periodic in two angles (elevation and azimuth). As I need smooth data, I prefer using the natural interpolation. For the interpolation, I use 'TriScatteredInterp' (Matlab 2012a). I do not only use two angles, but also the radius, as the scattered data also has a slight radial variation (which might be important for further processing). As a result, I get NaN's around the poles (elevation equals 0 and pi) and at zero azimuth. Are there any 'quick' workarounds to use the periodic behavior of the data or other tricks to avoid these NaN's and get a continuous result over the entire sphere, also at the poles and zero azimuth?

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