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Changing Keyboard shortcuts in App Designer in MacOS

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Aytac Alparslan
Aytac Alparslan 2021년 5월 8일
편집: Aytac Alparslan 2021년 5월 8일
Hello everyone,
I am am trying to change the keyboard shortcuts in App Designer in MacOS. More specifically I want to assign the Windows version shortcuts to Home and End keys, i.e. go to beginning/end of the line when pressed. I already changed the DefaultKeyBinding.dict file and in all the other programs Home and End keys work as expected but only in APP Designer they donot work, i.e. when pressend the cursor is sent to the end or beginning of the file, not the line. Anyone was able to change the shortcuts?


Steven Lord
Steven Lord 2021년 5월 8일
Go to the Preferences in the Environment section of the Home tab of the Toolstrip. Under MATLAB navigate to Keyboard then Shortcuts. Search for "line" and you should find the shortcuts you want to change. Or if you just want to use all the Windows shortcuts instead of the Mac shortcuts you can change the active settings to "Windows Default Set".
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Aytac Alparslan
Aytac Alparslan 2021년 5월 8일
Sorry I forgot to mention that I already changed the Cursor Begin Line, Cursor End Line shortcuts in the Shortcuts section. Everything works fine in the Command Window and in the Editor. But when I try to use these shortcuts in the Code View of App Designer, End key sends the cursor to the end of the file and Home key sends it back to the begining of the file. Is it something only I see or is it a common problem? Should I uninstall and reinstall Matlab? BTW my Matlab version is 2021a running on an M1 machine. Also there is no "Windows Default Set" in the Active Settings, only "Macintosh Default Set" is present.

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