can't connect source generator with controlled voltage source in matlab simulink

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Hi, I'm new in Simscape Electrical, a kind of matlab toolbox.
I want to create an unit function voltage generator and I follow this tutorial youtube clip
However, I can't connect source generator with controlled voltage source - only a dashed red line appears
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Antonino Riccobono
Antonino Riccobono 2021년 5월 3일
If you are new with Simscape, I would recommend to take the free Simscape Onramp.
Please, be aware that MathWorks Training Services has developped several free onramp courses. You can find the full list at
Hope this helps.

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Pemendra Kumar Pardhi
Pemendra Kumar Pardhi 2021년 5월 3일
Both elements belong to different libraries.
to connect both of them please use
simulink to physical connector as attached file
in attached file library is also mentioned

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Changzhao Liu
Changzhao Liu 2021년 5월 3일
The ports are not in same type.


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