how to erase a plot in appdesigner

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Christian Iriarte
Christian Iriarte 2021년 5월 2일
편집: Reshma Nerella 2021년 6월 23일
i'm trying to make a plot of 2 diferent datatypes (rawdata). When i read and plot one datatype there is no problem but when i change the type it seems that older data are saved and it looks like there is an addition in the plot of the old data and the selected one. does anyone know, how can i "reset" the space of the plot such that i can plot and change the datatype for my plots without this problem?


Reshma Nerella
Reshma Nerella 2021년 6월 17일
편집: Reshma Nerella 2021년 6월 23일
While changing the datatype and plotting the corresponding data, you can clear the axes and plot so that the previous plot doesn't get displayed.
You can clear axes using cla function.

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