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Add new rows to Table (GUI uitable)

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BSantos 4 Jul 2013
Hey guys! After some research, I still can't find the solution for my problem. I have a table that it's filled with info from user, when a button is pushed. The idea is that once new information is inserted and the "add" button pushed, a new row is created on the table and the info copied there, without deleting/overwrite previous data.
Does any of you have a suggestion?? Your help is very much appreciated!
Thanks! BS.

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BSantos 4 Jul 2013
I tried to follow this but did not work for me.
Basically, I could write on a 2nd row but the data on the 1st one is gone. Help anyone??? Thanks!
Jan 4 Jul 2013
The linked thread is totally unrelated to the topic of uitable. Therefore we cannot guess, how you try to write to the 2nd row. Please post your code instead of hoping, that we have crystal balls ;-)
BSantos 4 Jul 2013
Crystal balls would be nice every now and then... ;) Thanks for the support anyway. With Tom's answer I could solve my problem!
Cheers, BS.

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Tom 4 Jul 2013
%hTable: handle to the table
%newRow : the row of data you want to add to the table.
oldData = get(hTable,'Data');
newData = [oldData; newRow];

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BSantos 4 Jul 2013
Tom, Thanks a LOT!!! This just solved my problem!!!

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