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curve shifting on horizontal axis

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Venkata Brahma Teja Haridasu
Venkata Brahma Teja Haridasu 17 Apr 2021 23:29
편집: Matt J 18 Apr 2021 0:01
Hello everyone,
I need to shift curves in steps of 10 on x axis to left or right based on the reference value(curve),
ie; all the values below the reference value must be substracted by 10(1st curve), 20 (2nd curve), 30..... in the same way i need to add 10(1st curve), 20 (2nd curve), 30..... for all the values above reference value .
note : there are 49 curves and and each curve has 12 data values(points) of x coordinates .
thanks in advance.

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Matt J
Matt J 17 Apr 2021 23:44
편집: Matt J 18 Apr 2021 0:01
For example,
axis([0,100,0,10]); legend

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