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Create a moving average

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Dirk 28 Jun 2013
댓글: arman arefi 27 Mar 2020
Hi There, How can I calculate a moving average for a column of data. For instance i want to average the 50 points either side of each data point in my column. Thanks
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arman arefi
arman arefi 27 Mar 2020
You can use Moving Average Function in the FileExchange. Please find the link below:

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Andrei Bobrov
Andrei Bobrov 28 Jun 2013
A - your data
L = filter(ones(101,1)/101,1,[A(:) zeros(50,1)]);
out = L(51:end);

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst 28 Jun 2013
편집: Image Analyst 28 Jun 2013
For a 1D column vector:
movingAverage = conv(yourSignal, ones(101,1)/101, 'same');
For a 2D array of columns:
movingAverage = conv2(yourSignal, ones(101,1)/101, 'same');
If you don't want the central pixel to be included in the average and have ONLY the 50 on either side, use
kernel = ones(101,1)/100;
kernel(51) = 0;
movingAverage = conv(yourSignal, kernel, 'same');
Same for a 2D matrix except use conv2 instead of conv. conv() and conv2() are highly optimized and very fast.
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Image Analyst
Image Analyst 30 Nov 2017

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Grzegorz Knor
Grzegorz Knor 7 Apr 2017
From MATLAB R2016a there is a function movmean which does not require additional toolboxes.
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Image Analyst
Image Analyst 7 Apr 2017
True, and it offers some edge handling options ('shrink', 'discard', 'fill') that conv2() does not have.
conv2() also does not require any toolboxes because it's in base MATLAB.

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Marc 28 Jun 2013
If you have the financial toolbox, doc movavg()....
[Short, Long] = movavg(Asset, Lead, Lag, Alpha)

the cyclist
the cyclist 28 Jun 2013
This page of the MATLAB documentation has an example of using the filter() command to calculate a moving average:
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Dirk 28 Jun 2013
Thanks. The filter function is set to average data from the previous n measurements. Is there a simple way to specify a different averaging criteria? Thanks

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Jan 28 Jun 2013
There are many moving average filters in the FileExchange. Whenever a standard problem occurs, looking in the FEX is a good idea:

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