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gui programticly , issue with uipanel

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Aleksander 26 Jun 2013
hi. i have a issue when creating a gui programaticly, the uipanel will not show it`s borders, and also not the title.
the code:
% code
function varargout = multi_tool(varargin)
%ensure this appliction has the only window
close all
clear all
%open the main gui window
handles.mainfig = figure('menu','none','toolbar','figure','units','normalized','outerposition',[0 0 1 1])
disp 'error with setting screen size for the application'
%determine size of the created figure
fig_size = get(gcf,'position')
%create panel to contain the bellow buttons
handles.pan1 = uipanel('parent',handles.mainfig,'BorderType','etchedout','Title','PLEASE SELECT FROM BELLOW OPTION','FontSize',12,'position',[0 0 fig_size(3)*1 fig_size(4)*1])
pan1_size = get(handles.pan1,'position')
%create selection buttons
handles.But1 = uicontrol('parent',handles.pan1,'Style','pushbutton','String','APP LAUNCHER','Position',[pan1_size(3)*0.05 pan1_size(4)*0.88 pan1_size(3)*0.9 pan1_size(4)*0.1])
set(handles.But1, 'callback', {@applauncher, handles})
handles.But2 = uicontrol('parent',handles.pan1,'Style','pushbutton','String','DEBUGING TOOLS','Position',[pan1_size(3)*0.05 pan1_size(4)*0.68 pan1_size(3)*0.9 pan1_size(4)*0.1])
set(handles.But2, 'callback', {@Debuging_Tools, handles})
handles.But3 = uicontrol('parent',handles.pan1,'Style','pushbutton','String','YAW COMPANSATED ROLL/PITCH CALCULATOR','Position',[pan1_size(3)*0.05 pan1_size(4)*0.48 pan1_size(3)*0.9 pan1_size(4)*0.1])
handles.But4 = uicontrol('parent',handles.pan1,'Style','pushbutton','String','HMS, HELIDECK MRU CALCULATOR','Position',[pan1_size(3)*0.05 pan1_size(4)*0.28 pan1_size(3)*0.9 pan1_size(4)*0.1])
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Aleksander 26 Jun 2013
Thanks for the tips, i am a novice when it comes to matlab, so this realy helps :)

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Tom 26 Jun 2013
It is there, but it's off the screen because of the units: if you set the uipanel Units field to 'Pixels' before you set the position, it should appear

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