User selected points from a plot

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Kyle Wilkin
Kyle Wilkin 2021년 4월 14일
댓글: Kyle Wilkin 2021년 4월 14일
I need to visually inspect a certain metric and select the points that are good. I have something that works but it seems like there should be a better way to do this. My main issue is that the only functions I found selected a random spot on the axes and I would like to limit it to only selecting data points. I wrote a solution but it won't work with tightly spaced data points.
Is there a better way for a user to select points from a plot?
Code Below:
function [TotalImage,Points] = PickPeakImages(Struct);
%% Struct(1) is an NxNxi image array
% Struct(2) is time informations for each image
% Struct(5) is a measured value for each image
FN = fieldnames(Struct);
l = length(FN);
TotalImage = [];
Points = [];
f = figure;
title('Select Points then Press Enter')
for Si = 1:l
title('Select Points then Press Enter')
[x,~] = getpts(f); % I would like to select points from a plot and this is the closest I could find.
Points = cat(1,Points,x);
for xi = 1:length(x)
ImageIndex = (abs(Struct(2).(FN{Si}) - x(xi)) == min(abs(Struct(2).(FN{Si}) - x(xi)))); % Can't select a point from the plot itself so this gets the right index. It's ok for this purpose but really slow.
TotalImage = cat(3,TotalImage,Struct(1).(FN{Si})(:,:,ImageIndex));

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Geoff Hayes
Geoff Hayes 2021년 4월 14일
Kyle - from, there is an answer that suggests using brush. Sample code that allow the user to pick (in this case 4) sets of data is as follows;
function [selectedXData, selectedYData] = DataPickerExample
close all;
% create some test data and plot it
x = -2*pi:0.1:2*pi;
y = sin(x);
hFig = figure;
hPlot = plot(x,y);
% create and enable the brush object
hBrush = brush(hFig);
hBrush.ActionPostCallback = @OnBrushActionPostCallback;
hBrush.Enable = 'on';
selectedXData = [];
selectedYData = [];
% select 4 sets of data points
for x=1:4
fprintf('select some points.\n');
% turn off the brush
hBrush.Enable = 'off';
function OnBrushActionPostCallback(~, ~)
xData = hPlot.XData;
yData = hPlot.YData;
brushedDataIndices = hPlot.BrushData;
selectedXData = [selectedXData xData(logical(brushedDataIndices))];
selectedYData = [selectedYData yData(logical(brushedDataIndices))];
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Kyle Wilkin
Kyle Wilkin 2021년 4월 14일
Thanks! With a bit of tweaking I think this will work well.

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