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Why is GUIDE not allowing me to have one (1) column and three (3) rows in my table? It seems as if the default table is 4 x 2

Is there away i can get a 3x1 table
thanks in advance,

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Sean de Wolski 님의 답변 25 Jun 2013
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In the table's createFcn add the following line:
Where table1 is the 'Tag' of your table.

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The thing about GUIDE is that it sets it will set its own defaults and does not necessarily obey the root's defaults.
Try this:
  1. Create a new blank GUI.
  2. Add a table to it
  3. Save it as something
  4. Add the following line to the first line of the GUI's OutputFcn
Does this not work for you?
yes, it works. I dont know why its not working on the GUI i already created. I guess i just have to work on it.
Thank you
If you want default contents, instead of setting an empty cell, set it to some default values.

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Iain 님의 답변 25 Jun 2013

In your workspace, generate the default contents for the table. Set the data on the table to that.

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If you want the table to remain empty for the time being, set the data as
can you give me directions on how to go to the workspace and generate the default contents of the table?
ok Cordeiie,
At your matlab command line type something like:
default = {5 '4' 3};

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