how to register CT brain image & MRI bain image of same patient?

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Nidhi 2013년 6월 25일
I want to register CT brain image of a patient to MRI brain image of the same patient that information obtained by both multimodalities could be merged for furthur treatment.would you plz provide the code of it.

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Rob Campbell
Rob Campbell 2013년 6월 25일
This likely isn't trivial because the images will look quite different and may be of different resolutions, etc. I suspect you'll be lucky to find code that works "out of the box." As I see it, you have two options. Firstly, find a research group who has done this (look on PubMed) and contact them. If that fails, start learning some image registration tools. Two that would help are:
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Nidhi 2013년 6월 28일
Hello,your answer is so helpful & it corrects my question.Is possible to register functional PET images with Structural CT images to produce a new informative image which has both of functional and structural Information.

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