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How may I show a mixture distribution?

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Maria Amr
Maria Amr 11 Apr 2021 10:05
댓글: Jeff Miller 12 Apr 2021 1:18
I truly appreciate if someone answers how to show a mixture distribution? My data ia attached and I know this data is not enough to claim a multimodal distribution confidently. Assuming enough data points, how I can show a multimodal dataset? I means I want to show a data set like the attached figure (the figure is not mine and I only use it to express my question). Thank you in advance!
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Maria Amr
Maria Amr 12 Apr 2021 1:18
roberto rocchetta, Thank you so much for your help!

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Jeff Miller
Jeff Miller 12 Apr 2021 0:37
Here is an example of plotting a mixture that produces a graph similar to yours example:
pd1 = makedist('normal',1,1); % probability distribution 1 is normal with mu=1, sigma=1
pd2 = makedist('normal',4,1.5); % probability distribution 2 is normal with mu=4, sigma=1.5
prob2 = 0.25; % 25% of the data comes from pd2
xrange = -2:0.01:10; % some sample x values at which to compute pdfs
pd1pdf = pd1.pdf(xrange) * (1 - prob2);
pd2pdf = pd2.pdf(xrange) * prob2;
mixpdf = pd1pdf + pd2pdf;
hold on
legend('Component1','Component 2','mixture');
Hope that helps...
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Jeff Miller
Jeff Miller 12 Apr 2021 1:18

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