fft analysis tool in powergui doesn't work

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Ertugrul CAKAR
Ertugrul CAKAR 2021년 4월 9일
댓글: Ertugrul CAKAR 2021년 5월 29일
Hi, In simscape electrical addon, I use powergui, I am trying to use FFT Analysis tool but I got MATLAB R2021a has stopped working error. Whenever I use other tools as Machine Initialization,Impedance Measurement, Use Linear System Analyzer, Hysteresis Design.. etc. there is no error. But just for FFT Analysis tool this error appears.
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Ertugrul CAKAR
Ertugrul CAKAR 2021년 4월 19일
https://youtu.be/b3NlN1bHbDI this is the screen recording of error. Can anyone help me?

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Juan Sagarduy
Juan Sagarduy 2021년 5월 26일
Hi there
you need to open the FFT tool in a model with an electric model where you have previously saved current or voltage in MATLAB workspace. That should work fine if you try with any shipped example.
Br Juan
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Ertugrul CAKAR
Ertugrul CAKAR 2021년 5월 29일
Hi, I tried to add datas but the result is same. The FFT analysis window disappear suddenly. I tried on another PC it is working well, but in my PC it isn't working.

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