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How to store words and numbers table in an array

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Benjamin Currie
Benjamin Currie 2021년 4월 7일
댓글: Adam Danz 2021년 4월 8일
can anyone help me to create an empty array to store a 11 x 3 string array.
I am rating a loop to store each value for every image. i have to loop i just can't create a suitable array to store the words and numbers. This is what each image gives out:
"Sky" "268032" "786432"
"Building" "0" "0"
"Pole" "131" "786432"
"Road" "734" "786432"
"Pavement" "7610" "786432"
"Tree" "7450" "786432"
"SignSymbol" "7082" "786432"
"Fence" "5490" "786432"
"Car" "6912" "786432"
"Pedestrian" "3669" "786432"
"Bicyclist" "9836" "786432"
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Adam Danz
Adam Danz 2021년 4월 8일
They are just indices.
n and m are defined in my comment (".... for nxm empty cell array).
i and j are just indices. c(i,j) is the i_th row and the j_th column.

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David Hill
David Hill 2021년 4월 7일
Why not set up a struct?
s = struct('a',{},'b',{},'c',{});%label the fields to whatever you want
for k=1:11
s(k).a=%'Building' from picture

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