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How do you enable a user to maximize an axes on a matlab GUI?

Cordelle 님이 질문을 제출함. 17 Jun 2013
Maximize a graph like you would maximize a windows application. I used guide to make the GUI.
thanks in advance,

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Evan 님의 답변 17 Jun 2013
Evan 님이 편집함. 17 Jun 2013

Do you mean you want the user to be able to set the axes to fill the GUI window? To do this, you could change the "Position" property of your axes. "Position" accepts four element vector arguments: [x y width height]. Whether this is in pixels, characters, or some other form depends on how you set the "Units" property.
So something like this:
set(axes_handle,'Position',[x y width height])

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No, i would like the user to click some sort of maximize button, to make the graph fullscreen if needed
In that case, it would be a two-step process.
% create and get handles to axes and figure
f = figure;
a = axes;
% 1) make axes fill the figure
set(a,'Position',[0 0 1 1])
% 2) make figure fill screen
set(f,'Position',[0 0 1 1])
That's the crude way of doing it. You'll probably notice it seems to spill over a bit and is partially covered up by your taskbar and such. For a more accurate way (but still sloppy), first create a figure, then maximize it manually with the mousebutton, then type:
Then copy and paste what you get into your code, being sure to set the figure units to 'pixels.'
Beyond that, I think there is a function on the file exchange that might let you maximize the figure in a bit more sophisticated way.

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Jan 님의 답변 17 Jun 2013

I still do not understand it exactly: Should the axes fill the figure or the screen? For the later the size of the figure must be maximized also.

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size of the figure must be maximized also

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